Crimson & Co. was founded by the inspirations of two friends driven by love, laughter, and family. So where did this all begin? At school!  We were friends in middle and high school, but never stayed in touch.  Years and two children each later, a teacher says, “It is so cute how these two boys get along.  I know that this is the type of friendship that ends up in the two of them walking each others’ weddings.”  We had no idea that we were the mothers of these forever friends! When we reconnected, it was like we picked up where we left off back in school, but even better.  Our weekends consisted of outings with the kids and finding ways to maximize our fun.  One afternoon, we were chatting and stumbled upon the possibility of going in starting a business together… and here we are! Crimson & Co. was born on a sunny Sunday afternoon.  We set out to build a business that would offer planning for any event to enhance the experience of our clients.  Being an event planner has many wonderful advantages!  We have been able to celebrate even the most intimate of events with close friends and family as well as the biggest day ever, a wedding!  With over a decade of experience each, we have been able to assist in the celebration of many wonderful clients who we are now able to call friends.  Our goal is to exceed any expectation and bring to life the possibilities that you thought were only in your dreams.