legia & michael

about 3 weeks before the wedding, i met ligi & michael. everything was almost done, but as with any wedding, so many things had to be done in the weeks and days prior. i think the most exciting part of the prep was planting succulents with miriam, the mother of the bride! we spent and afternoon at her house setting up the favors for the guests.  one of us would place the plant in a clay pot, the next would stuff more soil in, cover it in moss that had been cut to fit each vase, and then spray it with water.  this process took us hours for the extensive guest list.  the ceremony was at st. francis de sales catholic church on miami beach . setting up for the elaborate reception at the exclusive bath club was so much fun. the garden themed reception was enchanting. we decorated the fireplace with candles and fun garden décor. the 2nd bar area was adorned with photos of the couple provided by alina m. photography & design.  the cocktail hour was outside on the open patio. an assortment of sushi, fruit, & cheese enough to feed the masses was spread on mirrors and adorned with lights.  the food was delicious and the service was great. the intermission was a grand caribbean festival where we took out enormous lanterns, straw hats, and maracas. the conga line weaved in and out of the ballroom and back to the dance floor. we were so honored to celebrate with the couple and their boys, robert & ricky. ligi & michael, much love!


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