claudia & will

we had such a great time planning this wedding. another couple that i got to spend so much time getting to know.  there were so many ideas and possibilities for this full coordination planning! we finally planned for an outdoor ceremony on a canal.  will’s family offered their gorgeous home for the intimate site.  outdoor ceremonies are so beautiful, especially when the rain holds off until you are done!  it can get a little tricky as you’re preparing for a wedding, washing down the pavement, hanging ribbons, placing decorations and it begins to sprinkle.  a little rain dance held it off a little, so we were able to set up in the rain, and enjoy a sunny ceremony.  our masterpiece was the tree used as the backdrop for the altar.  ribbons swayed in the breeze as the nuptials took place.  another personal touch was a rose petal wreath with the couples’ initials.  the reception was at los ranchos.  what a yummy meal!  each table was decorated with it’s own style and elegance.  there were a mix of petals, candles, mirrors, and red roses.  a classic look for a chic event.  claudia and will, much love!





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