party like it’s 1999

of the 63 in our graduating class, i could name dozens of  memories with each one.  when asked to plan the 10 year reunion for our class, we jumped at the opportunity to gather all these characters in one spot.  it took months to gather contact info for all the guests.  it was like a chain, one would have a few, then the next would have another few.  it was a weekend full of fun and laughter reminiscing about our days causing raucous at school.  the first night was a happy hour that began at finnegan’s on the river and dragged into the wee hours of the next day at a club on south beach.  it was a friday night filled with hugs, laughs, and drinks.  catching up on the past few years and sharing stories about each other to the new people in our lives was such a blast.  day 2 consisted of a poolside bbq and a dinner extravaganza at bongos.  family and friends gathered around the pool for a burger and hotdog feast and time to remember with the use of scrapbooks made since we were all in 2nd grade.  the famous underground yearbook also made a guest appearance.  that book almost cost us our graduation ceremony.  the party continued into the night as we danced away at bongos.  we shared our last meal together hoping that for our 20 year reunion, we would all find ourselves as well as we did this time around.



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