zoey’s 2nd birthday

baby turns 2, what should we do? celebrate the beautiful miami sun and have a splash party! kiara and i set out to decorate the yard and prepare for a group of rowdy toddlers ready to splash and bounce the day away! it was so fun to get the luau prepared as norma cooked away and jose put the finishing touches in the play area. as i hung the backdrop for the cake table, kiara peeks her head out of the door with a horrified look in her eyes and says, “i need help!” i could not stop laughing at the situation, definitely not at kiara! her attempts were genuine, but when sweets are not your thing…. i quickly ran across the street, whipped up a batch of my buttercream frosting, and saved the cupcakes. we had such a great time with all the kids dancing, splashing, and jumping. the tropical feast of roast pork, moros, and plaintains was gone before everyone even had time to sit with their plates. it was a wonderful time to celebrate with family and friends. what a joy to have such a great neighbor with the most adorable baby girl! we love you, zoey!




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