jovanka and brandon

since 1913, sisters of phi sigma sigma have been celebrating sisterhood throughout our country.  this day, a sister lends a hand to another on the most magical day that two join to become one. tucked away in the heart of Miami, lies a historic mansion that was the setting to this gorgeous union.   jo and brandon joined at a chuppah adorned with white flowers along side a peaceful lake.  guests then followed the path to the cocktail hour, greeted with the sweetest memorial to those who could not be with us that day.  petal productions adorned the rustic tables and old swing set to make an elegant, yet casual atmosphere to host the guests as the feasted on pepe luzarraga’s paella and arroz campesino.  the cutest guest at the wedding, jacob, the couple’s son, was the boy who had the most fun.  he got wheeled around in a wheelbarrow and got to dance the night away with his gorgeous mom!  the sparklers at the end of the night was just the right touch to send off the happy couple to enjoy and honeymoon and years of bliss as the begin this adventure together as a married couple. couldn’t love you more, jo and brandon!



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